Importance of Garage Door Spring Maintenan

Keeping garage door components especially the springs in a good working position is the essential project you can perform to ensure your equipment functions correctly and safely.

Although all the parts of the garage doors including panels, cables, rollers, and tracks need periodic attention the springs are the key components to save you money, effort, and hassle in a long run. Read the articles to learn more about how to conduct a garage door spring maintenance job that can help you to keep a garage door functioning as a new one and how to replace a garage door spring if they get damaged.

Regular maintenance services extend the functional life of the garage door:

You can take simple steps to keep a garage door in tip-top position and give it a longer life span. In addition to this, you should clean and lubricate the tracks, pulleys, rollers, and other moving hardware every six months. You may use a light silicone spray and high-quality household oil to lubricate them.  You should replace the broken weather stripping with the new ones and tighten the loose screws and nuts to make them secure.

Your machine will last longer if you spend enough time to give it a careful inspection and maintenance on a regular basis. The routine inspection includes looking for the dented or rusted areas, shredding cables, loose hardware, or weak springs. You should check and test the locking mechanism periodically to make sure that is working properly. These maintenance preventives will keep your garage door working correctly and prolong its overall life. Definitely, if you have any doubt about your capabilities and you are not sure about how to conduct these tasks, you should consult a professional garage door expert to take care of your garage door.

The reason behind hiring professional garage door technicians is your safety. What you cannot handle in DIY projects is anything relating to the torsion springs. These springs are placed under a great amount of pressure which makes them dangerous and needs the proper attention of a certified garage door technician. Under normal circumstances, annual garage door inspection and maintenance is enough.

Safety concerns:

Thousands of people are injured and killed by malfunctioned garage doors every year, according to an expert survey. Not only do people suffer lacerations and pinches from faulty springs but many are killed by fallen garage doors due to sudden breakage of springs. Besides the regular garage door maintenance services, ask a local technician to provide you with professional help at least once per year. They are able to determine if garage door parts need to be fixed or replaced and can update your garage door with the latest safety accessories.

Importance of garage door professional garage door spring services:

On average, the garage door is operated almost 2000 times each year. If you don’t pay attention to taking care of your garage door, the rollers can become frozen and the garage door gets stuck on tracks, necessitating the replacement of rollers and tracks. The opener may become malfunction, making your garage door not respond.

The tracks may become misaligned, making your garage door hard to open or close. And worst of all, torsion springs could lose their tension or broke causing the garage door to abruptly fall. In extreme cases, broken pieces of tightly coiled spring can fly through the air inside the garage, causing serious injuries and property damages. Periodic garage door maintenance will help you to avoid unexpected issues and keep your family safe. Hire a professional garage door technician near you for all your garage door needs.