Replace the springs in Your Garage Door

A garage door will ensure the safety and protection of your vehicle that you parked in your garage. There are several types of garage doors that are operated automatically.

Overhead automatic garage doors open and close using a remote control. If you have installed these types of garage doors, you will experience that they provide you a lot of comfort and convenience because you would not need to soak in the rain to open or close the garage door manually.

I want to keep your garage door functioning smoothly, you will have to pay special attention to its springs. The torsion springs provide powerful force and tension to support the garage door to be worked smoothly. Whenever you experienced that garage door springs cannot function efficiently, they should be replaced as soon as possible. There is plenty of professional garage door contractors such as, Garage Door San Antonio Texas to replace the broken torsion springs. There are certain procedures which you can follow to replace the damaged springs.

Before starting the work of garage door spring replacement, measure the size of the springs carefully. There are many types and sizes of springs to choose from according to the size and weight of the garage door. You will experience that different garage doors will need various sizes of springs. In these situations, you will have to replace the broken springs with the new ones. Once you have got the required measurement of the springs which will be changed, it is time to buy new springs. If you have any confusion about the work, it is advisable to consult a professional garage door repair company near you.

If you have decided to handle the project on your own, then take an appropriate size of wrench or socket to remove the two end cones from the damaged torsion springs on your garage door. Once you have removed the broken springs, you will have to replace them and securely tighten the screws of the end cones. For this purpose, use two winding tools and steel rods. Using these smart tools, you will be able to wind tension back into the required torsion spring. To get valuable results, you can follow the instructions mentioned in the manual provided by the manufacturer.

Once again, you will have to examine the garage door thoroughly to find out more damages. You can perform this test by checking the garage door assembly. Since there are two types of garage door springs, if one is got damaged, you will have to make sure that another spring is not affected at all.

Check the garage door thoroughly to make sure that torsion springs can function well. At the last, you will have to apply the lubricant or any high-quality silicone spray to all the moving parts of your garage door so that it can function efficiently.