Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The garage door functions properly only when all its components are kept maintained. But the years of continuous use, friction among moving parts, and local weather conditions diminish its performance. Regular maintenance of mechanical and electrical parts of the garage door is compulsory to keep it functioning in a pristine condition. Therefore, you should have a basic understanding and knowledge of the working mechanism of a garage door. This way you can undertake a successful DIY garage door repair project. But if you are not familiar with the structure of the garage door, it is recommended that hire a professional and best garage door repair in Schertz, Texas to bring back it to its pristine state.

How to conduct garage door maintenance services:

A garage door is the largest electrically moving equipment in your home. It has both mechanical and electrical parts, you should start your project by reading the owners’ manual. It will help you to get an idea about the placement of basic parts and their respective working mechanism. Afterward, you can proceed to perform routine garage door maintenance.

Tips and techniques for garage door maintenance:

Inspection: Take a close look at all the basic parts of the garage door. Check the metal tracks, opener, drive belt, chain-belt, panels, rollers, bearings, and other electrical connections of a garage door. Look for the signs of rust and damages on metal tracks. If they are dented or misaligned, use a carpenter’s scale to position them in a straight line.

Lubrication: The garage door needs a friction-free and clear surface to run smoothly. Use a high-quality lubricant recommended by the manufacturer for oiling. Don’t use any greasy oil as it attracts dust and causes obstruction to components. All the moving parts of the garage door including tracks, rollers, pulleys, hinges, and springs need lubrication.

Garage door opener setting: Automatic garage doors work through an electric opener. A professional garage door expert sets the default setting to make it user-friendly. Do not tamper with the setting of the opener unless you understand it properly.

Minor dents: Continuous operations cause dents to appear which can fix easily. Take a rubber hammer and a large piece of wood to fix them. If the panels are damaged seriously, replacing them with the new one is a good option.

Garage door ventilation and insulation: The garage can get cold in winter and hot in summer. Install a ventilation fan to maintain the humidity. Garage door insulation helps you in saving energy bills. Polystyrene panels are used to maintain the temperature within a garage. Also, the gap between the bottom of the garage door and the floor of a garage should be covered using rubber sealing.

It is strongly recommended that perform garage door maintenance to avoid costly repair or replacement. Complex garage door parts like springs and cables should be handled only by professionals. Call a certified and reputed garage door company for garage door repair, maintenance, and replacement.