Common Garage Door Problems

Garage door repair is something all homeowners have to deal with them at some point in the garage door life. Understanding the common problems of garage doors can make it easier to explain your situations to the technician when they arrive. These techniques can also help you to understand what type of services these technicians including New Haven’s best garage door repair company are offering to you to fix the problems. The following mentioned are the common issues which encounter with the garage door.

  • Push the button of the remote but it does not function: Modern garage door openers come with safety sensors that detect the resistance on the path of a garage door. If your garage door has broken springs or hinges, then the operating structure will not try to pull the chain of the machine. In most cases, the garage door opener is the problem. Only an experienced and qualified garage door technician can diagnose the problem.
  • The garage door opener seems running but nothing happens: The garage door gets general wear and tear over time and the first thing that goes bad is a garage door opener. If the gears of the opener are stripped, the chain of the garage door cannot move which raises or lower the hatch. You will have to replace the gears of an opener. In the case of serious malfunctioning, you don’t have any choice except to replace the entire system of a garage door.

  • Do you have a damaged garage door and want to fix it: You may experience that your chosen garage door company who are willing to fix a single piece, better known as a “kick out company”. They might be using outdated techniques and tools which are quietly unsafe. While your garage door seems to be working well, you should have it replaced with an efficient, safer, and newer model.

  • The garage door hatch moves slowly but makes loud sounds: A noisy garage door is a common issue for homeowners. First of all, your technician will change the roller in order to fix the problem. Most garage doors come with plastic rollers that wear out quickly. While replacing the rollers, you should ask for a low-resistance roller. These types of rollers are smoother and efficient in performance. They are costly than others but need low maintenance.
  • You have the older operating system and want to replace it: If your garage door opener is not functioning completely, you will have to replace it. Any garage door expert will be able to look at your opener and determine whether they have components required to fix the problems without replacing the entire unit. For your safety, in case your opener does not have safety beams, then you should replace it with a newer model.

  • Garage door rollers are out of tracks and pulling the garage door: It is a common issue that should be treated immediately. There are several reasons why this could happen. They may be worn out or rusted. Sometimes tracks have been bent or obstructed. In some cases, the torsion springs at the top of a garage door are broken and cause to pull the garage door off tracks. Thankfully, the solution is relatively easy and they can be replaced.